Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is IJES?

India Jewellery Excellence Symposium (IJES) is a unique technical symposium being organized by Gem & Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI) For the First Time in India and focuses on various aspects of jewellery manufacture.

2. Is IJES being organized First Time in India?

IJES is being organized in India for the first time.

3. When is IJES being organized?

First version of IJES is being organized on Jan 8th & 9th 2020.

4. What is the Venue for IJES-2020?

The venue of IJES-2020 is The Leela, Mumbai.

5. Why Should I attend IJES?

IJES is going to bring experts in various areas from all over the world and will offer a unique opportunity to not only listen to these experts but also have one to one discussion with them.

6. Is Similar event happening elsewhere in the world?

Santafe Technical symposium in New Mexico being organized on similar lines over last 30 + years. However, 2020 will be the last santafe symposium and they have announced the discontinuation of their symposium after 2020.

7. Who all should attend IJES?

Looking at diversity of the topics, Company owners, directors, partners, Product Development, Merchandising, Production, HR, Quality teams will benefit immensely by attending this symposium.

8. How can I register for IJES?

Visit Press “Register” tab on the home page. Fill in all the details in the registration form. In case of multiple (max .5) participant, after competing all the details for first participant, press “Add participant” button till up complete details of all the participant & tick the agreement check box. At the end press “Submit” button & screen will take you to payment gate way. Finish payment formalities using relevant digital payment mode. Once the payment is done successfully, the acknowledgement message with unique ID no. would appear on the screen. You may take printout of message by pressing PRINT button.

9. How many registrations are allowed under single organization?

The registration is restricted to 5 participants under single company to give fair changes for other companies to participate.

10. Is the participant outside India eligible for registration?

Yes, participants from any overseas countries are welcome to register for IJES. They need to pay the fee in USD currency.

11. What is last date for registration?

There is limited capacity, hence registration would happen “First come first serve” basis. Once the capacity is full, registration on window would be closed.

12. Is the accommodation Included in registration fee?

No, the Registration fee doesn't include any accommodation facility.

13. Will I get a chance to engage one to one with speakers / experts?

Yes, you can book your session with the speaker for “One to One” interaction through IGES portal by paying refundable deposit of INR 5000.

14. Will I get receipt / invoice against my registration fee?

Yes, you will get receipt for your payment with unique registration ID. For GST input credit purpose, GJSCI would provide you the invoice once you share your all relevant details like complete Billing address, GST No, and PAN No.

15. Is my registration transferable?

No, it is not transferable and the entry would be allowed to the person who have registered their names. The person should carry the valid Id proof.